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Thread: Love the temtem VIP.

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    Love the temtem VIP.
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    Love the temtem VIP.

    Well worth my money in the current state, even if it was just the auto stop feature. That is all I was looking for. I love that you can choose multiple SV's and custom numbers to stop on so you can go about your business, come back to your pc, and find a nice temtem sitting there waiting to be caught. It also auto stops on lumas, but I have yet to see that happen.

    I'd love to see an auto catch feature that just spams the best temcard you have over and over onto say, a luma automatically. I think it's better not to hurt them at all so this would be fine and wouldn't be hard to setup.

    The only sketchy bit is that the devs are doing updates and server resets every. single. day. or every other day, so detection can change at any moment.

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    Thank you for the review and Im glad to see that you enjoy using the cheat.

    For suggestions please make a post in the appropriate forum section here: Wishlist/Buglist/To-do - Our coder can then have a look at it.
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